Vision Medical provides high quality services to the healthcare industry in the following areas.

  1. Medical Equipment Sales and Service

    We represent leading manufacturers of medical equipments worldwide as their distributors in Pakistan. Our focus is to provide the customers with solutions of quality healthcare products; because we believe that nothing is more expensive than health. Our active technical team provides effective and efficient after sale support. We are fully complying the warranty agreements committed by manufacturers to whom we represent.

  1. Medical Equipment Management Services.

    Selection and acquisition of medical equipments are normally considered to be easy and in most of the healthcare organization, clinicians and physicians perform this job. But in actual it is not so simple.  Countless numbers of manufacturers are entering in the market with new tactics of marketing strategy. In such scenario mindset of the selector goes with smart marketer regardless of the technical aspect of equipment and lack of technical knowledge compels one to a wrong selection. We provide service to facilitate the customer in selection, acquisition and effective utilization throughout the useful life till its disposal.


  1. Medical Accessories and Consumables Sale.

    Numbers of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures are performed manually during different procedure. As these consumables come in direct contact with patients, therefore proper evaluation and selection of appropriate accessories is a must. We have established relations with renowned manufacturers of consumables and accessories after extensive market search. Again our focus is customer satisfaction. We are confident that our new customers will not only be satisfied but also be delighted.


  1. Medical Equipment Maintenance Services.

    We at vision medical have a team of trained engineers of multiple dimensions fully capable to provide maintenance services for all types’ equipments. Many customers are intended to outsource their facilities or particular systems. We offer contractual maintenance service agreements for such customers. Our competitive advantage in this particular area is cost effectiveness.


  1. Medical Equipment Calibration Services.

    In today’s life, physicians and clinicians rely on medical equipments in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  In such scenario accuracy of the equipment becomes most crucial. If the equipment was accurate then the procedure will also be reliable and accurate.  Inaccurate equipment can produce false results thus leading to disasters in one’s life. We provide medical equipment calibration services to make them accurate and produce reliable result in patient care.


  1. Equipment Maintenance and Application Training.

    Proper use of equipment produces efficient, effective, reliable and accurate results. We provide operational and application training to customers so that they can optimally utilized the equipments and maximally benefit out of it.

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