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Anaerobic Conditions for Micro & Cell Biology Applications
Bactron Anaerobic Chamber Applications

Anaerobic Glove Boxes have made a name for themselves over the last fifteen years. As more labs realize the cost savings involved with moving from vacuum jars or bags to anaerobic workstations they also begin realizing the improvement in successful culturing and identification. The Bactron Anaerobic and Environmental Chamber is designed to allow efficient and dexterous glove–free handling and inspection of samples. Modular systems within the chamber facilitate the completion of procedures from unpacking material to inoculation, incubation, inspection and recovery, all without a single exposure to oxygen.

The Bactron line of anaerobic workstations features a special patented cuff that permits the technician to work barehanded inside the chamber without compromising the oxygen–free atmosphere. This enables the technician to bring small items into the anaerobic chamber through the glove–free sleeve system while maintaining strict anaerobic conditions. The results are greatly increased operator comfort and improved productivity.

The SHEL LAB Bactron Anaerobic Chamber is a pioneering product in the marketplace of anaerobic research equipment.

Anaerobes are organisms that can grow without oxygen. Some can live with oxygen when it is present (facultative) and some cannot tolerate even a trace of oxygen (strict or obligatory). They are very prevalent, many as part of the normal human flora, and those which make up an estimated 50% of the earth's biota. Dozens of common infections are either exclusively anaerobic or mixed aerobic/anaerobic. Some obligatory anaerobes cause serious infections such as tetanus and gas gangrene or botulism in canned foods. Therefore, isolation and identification of anaerobes are very important in clinical diagnosis, research and in commercial processes such as canning and fermentation.

Anaerobic Chamber Applications


  • Anaerobic Microbiology Assays
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Anaerobic Tissue Culture Research
  • Anaerobic Bacteriology


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