Neonatology (Fanem)


Fanem is a Brazilian multinational company, pioneer in the manufacturing of medical and laboratory equipment.

The company was founded in 1924 by Arthur Schmidt who, with the support of his son Walter Schmidt, introduced innovative techniques and methodologies, tracing a technological route with a high level of representativeness in the Brazilian health products chain.

In the 40s, Fanem was already the market leader in Brazil and since then, it remains strong, being the pioneer in the launch of several products, such as: the first Brazilian incubator; the first Brazil’s radiant warmer; the world’s first microprocessed phototherapy; among many other innovations that marked the Brazilian neonatology history.

With Marlene Schmidt in the Executive Board and Djalma Luiz Rodrigues in the Industrial Management, Fanem took a bold step towards expansion in the international market and became the first Brazilian company of this sector to open a factory in India.

Complementing the extension strategy, Fanem opened, in 2011, an office in Amman, Jordan, the main company’s channel for the Middle East.

Nowadays, Fanem occupies the leadership of the neonatology Brazilian market, and it is the most remembered brand among the main executives and purchasing professionals of many Brazilian hospitals.









Bubble water column for PEEP determination;

Thermal air humidifier with microprocessed control;

Blender for gas mixing and outlet flowmeter;

Casters with brakes;

Temperature sensors and H2O level.

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