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HICO-Rapidovac 791-16

The comfortable, low-weight suction system. A portable suction device for clinics, practices, nursing homes and domestic carehigh efficiency, low weight, easy handling.


The criteria used in developing the portable HICORAPIDOVAC791-16 suction unit were low weight together with a high capacity and very great simplicity of operation. It has all the following advantages for application in clinics, medical practices, homes and domestic care:

  • immediate identification of even the smallest quantities of liquid thanks to the open cylinder mounting
  • problem-free cleaning (secretion cylinder with accessories, autoclavable up to 134°C)
  • maintenance-free diaphragm pump
  • overflow safety valve
  • vacuum level reading by means of a pressure gauge


Application of the HICO-RAPIDOVAC 791 is simple and without technical complications. The diaphragm pump does not require maintenance. The 1.5 l secretion cylinder is located in an open cylinder holder which is fixed to the housing. The unit is equipped with a bacterial filter and a 1.5 l secretion cylinder with overflow protection (plastic cylinder autoclavable up to 134°C). The cylinder stopper can easily be removed and replaced. The overflow safety valve prevents damage to the pump by closing the suction system in the case of moisture entering the valve.

The vacuum is infinitely variable, and the vacuum level can be read via a pressure gauge. The generated vacuum can easily be set from 0 to a maximum of 850 mbar using the pressure gauge and the control valve. The HICO-RAPIDOVAC 791 has a particular advantage in that it is possible to use different cylinders (e.g. 2,000 ml receptal cylinders) as well as two cylinders on the left and right of the pump housing.

Principal characteristics

  • Portable unit with low weight and high capacity
  • Infinitely variable vacuum control between 0 and a maximum of 850 mbar
  • Suction volume of 16 l/min
  • 1.5 l secretion cylinder with integrated overflow safety system
  • Connection of 2 secretrion cylinders possible
  • Low cost
  • High level of operating safety

Maintenance and care

The easy-to-maintain design of the unit and the use of high-quality components guarantee problem-free use of theHICO-RAPIDOVAC 791. There is an obligation to subject the unit twice yearly to a safety inspection.

Operating safety

This unit is manufactured by us in accordance with the high quality standard ISO 9001 and answers to the MDD 93/42 EEC.


We grant for the HICO-RAPIDOVAC 791 a warrenty of 24 months for material and manufacture.
















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