Conical tubes of 50ml - Deltalab,

Conical background tubes, in polipropileno transparent, indicated for proofs with centrifugation in laboratories of immunology, microbiology, etc. Ideal for the bacillus of Koch and liquid cefaloraquídeos. Continuous thread and game, graduated of mould with external relief each 5 ml. Blue cap grooved in polietileno of high density, hermetical closing by means of ring of obturación internal. Versions with or without faldón, barren by radiation and no barren. The barren models resist until 7.000 g in the centrifugation. It does not recommend the autoclave since they have been irradiados. The no barren models resist until 12.000 g and are autoclavables to 121 ºC with the cap positioned on the thread, but without roscar.

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